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  • Microsoft IT (AD) Health Scanner

    Take a lot of work, add 7 week old son and serious flue (which strikes 2 days after You got back from travel which incorporates transfer on some heavy used airports – first thought – pork ;) ) and you will get some silence on a blog. I hope that while my son will get older silence periods will get shorter and shorter :). To day just quick download ...
    Posted to Tomek's DS World (Weblog) by tomek on July 7, 2009
  • Vista Group Policy Log View

    Microsoft has published new Vista tool called Group Policy Log View. Its name tells everything about its purpose. Vista's GPO processing takes advantage of new event logging subsystem Crimson and stores a lot of data about GPO processing in event logs. This tool allows You to create TXT, XML or HTML report from these events. Report can ...
    Posted to Tomek's DS World (Weblog) by tomek on December 3, 2006
  • Pre-configured Windows XP SP2\IE6 VHD

    If You need Windows XP SP2 \ IE 6 client virtual machine for testing purposes or just for browsing You can download pre-configured (and activated) VHD image (1.5 Gb) from Microsoft. It contains Windows XP SP2\ IE6 and IE7 Readiness Toolkit. System installed on this VHD will expire on 04/01/2007.
    Posted to Tomek's DS World (Weblog) by tomek on November 30, 2006
  • Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK)

    New download called Windows Automated Installation Kit just showed up on Downloads. According to its description: (...) Use this tool to configure unattended setup answer files (Unattend.xml) and capture images. (...) It support Windows 2003/XP/Vista. There is nothing more what I can tell You about it just now, I will have to test it and see ...
    Posted to Tomek's DS World (Weblog) by tomek on November 22, 2006
  • ADMTv3 migration guide

    Most of people dealing with Active Directory knows or heard of Active Directory Migration Guide. With version 3 being current, this tool allows to migrate data between Windows NT\Active Directory domains, helping in migration and domain restructuring scenario. Microsoft has published ADMTv3 migration guide document which should be useful for ...
    Posted to Tomek's DS World (Weblog) by tomek on November 18, 2006
  • PowerShell and IE7 ADM templates

    ADM templates are hot this week. Right after publishing PowerShell ADM templates for PowerShell showed up on Microsoft Downloads. IE7 ADM templates also were published today. 
    Posted to Tomek's DS World (Weblog) by tomek on November 16, 2006
  • Office 2007 ADM templates

    Microsoft has published on Downloads Office 2007 ADM templates for downloads. As Office 2007 will be launched soon and may start to show up in our networks maybe it is worth to take a look at ADM possibilities before this will happen.
    Posted to Tomek's DS World (Weblog) by tomek on November 11, 2006
  • Sysinternals has a new home

    Sysinternals tools have new home at TechNet - if You need it now You can find at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/. With new home, new tool was added to SysInternals toolset -  ProcessMonitor, which has functionality of Regmon and Filemon, plus monitoring of processes and threads in one tool
    Posted to Tomek's DS World (Weblog) by tomek on November 8, 2006
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