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  • Steal this post ... just like Deepak

    ... You want to have Your own blog with fresh content ... on different topics ... just steel this post like Deepak Gupta is doing. Lately he wrote about maximum limits in AD, just like I did. He wrote also about Hyper-V new features, exactly as Natasha did on her blog. Maybe I should be flattered that I'm writing something interresting but ...
    Posted to Tomek's DS World (Weblog) by tomek on April 21, 2008
  • Problem with site shape in Visio 2007

    Today I was working on Active Directory project for customer and as usually in such cases I was doing some drawings with Visio 2007 to illustrate concepts and ideas. When I was trying to draw proposed site configuration I was able to place site on the drawing, but then I wasn't able to move it around on the page. After few clicks I've discovered ...
    Posted to Tomek's DS World (Weblog) by tomek on January 23, 2007
  • AdMod and AdFind updated

     In case that someone who is reading this blog is not subscribed to joe's blog or notification list (unlikely) I want to inform that two of joe's tools, which are ultimate ... great tools for AD get updated. These two tools are: AdFind - which allows You to search for anything You want to in AD. AdMod - which allows You to ...
    Posted to Tomek's DS World (Weblog) by tomek on October 2, 2006
  • Script to populate AD with Excel files

    Many times on groups and forums people were asking about script which will populate AD with data from Excel file. Alex Tcherniakhovski has modified one of scripts available in script center to create test data in AD environment based on Excel files. This script was created for testing pourposes but it can be used and easily modified to create real ...
    Posted to Tomek's DS World (Weblog) by tomek on September 20, 2006
  • DEC 2007 is coming

    For anyone interested - DEC 2007 dates are available and registration is open. DEC stands for Directory Expert Conference and is held by NetPro. I've never been there but from what I've heard about it and what I know about speakers who will deliver sessions there (last years this were among others Dean, joe and Jorge) this is a place You want to ...
    Posted to Tomek's DS World (Weblog) by tomek on August 29, 2006
  • Windows 2003 R2 RTM'ed

    As we can read on Steven's Bink web site, and also other sources :) Windows 2003 R2 went into RTM stage now. Go R2 Team :), we are (are we?) ready to use it.
    Posted to Tomek's DS World (Weblog) by tomek on December 6, 2005
  • Get a drink with AD

    I don’t want to pretend that I know AD schema very well – I work with schema and I know how it is build, some values and their meanings etc. I also remember some of commonly used attributes name, but I don’t know all of them. Today my friend get back from the customer site and said ‘Hey, I came across very cool attribute in our AD schema!’. I ...
    Posted to Tomek's DS World (Weblog) by tomek on November 28, 2005
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