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Smart-X CoreConfigurator … I’m impressed

Smart-X, the Israel-based company behind CoreConfigurator and former employer of Guy Teverovsky has released a new version of CoreConfigurator for Server Core installations of Windows Server 2008. And I must admit … I’m impressed!



Last time I looked at Smart-X CoreConfigurator version I saw Guy Teverovsky’s latest unofficial version of CoreConfigurator with a Windows Vista Configuration Panel screen to tie the tools together. Today I took a look at the freshly released version

Current version
Download size 2.35 MB
Supported Operating System Windows Server 2008 Server Core
Release date January 26, 2009
Download link Coreconfigurator.zip (MSI file) 
Coreconfigurator_V1202_ISO.zip (ISO file)



I see a tool, backed up with a vision, dedication and a whole lot of improvement, as shown in the lists below, as seen on the Smart-X website:

New features

  1. Installation
    1. The executable file was shorten to CoreCFG
    2. The installation now adds the path of CoreConfigurator to the
      %PATH% environment variable and to the App Path registry key.
    3. The application is also added to the 'RUN' registry key so the program is launched at logon.
  2. Functionality
    1. Regional and Language options was added.
  3. Link to Registry editor
  4. Link to Task Manager
  5. Services panel
    (looks just like services.msc)
  6. Network Connections
  7. A view of network connections and their status
    (Connected / Disconnected / Enabled /Disabled)
  8. The ability to Enable / Disable NICs
  9. The ability to rename NICs
  10. Information regarding NICs
    1. MAC address
    2. Manufacturer
    3. Description
    4. Address Type
    5. Current IP settings (Important especially when configured for DHCP)
  11. A new feature to Automatic Updates
    You can now see which updates are installed, which updates are pending and select the updates you want to download / install.

Bugs fixed

  1. You can now add domain members to local groups
  2. The 'Users and groups' panel cannot be launched when the server is DC.
  3. When changing display settings, the panel prompts you to log off instead of reboot


But wait, there’s more!

That’s great progress and really a feat, but the best things in my opinion are not part of the list Smart-X has put up their website:

  1. Now also available in *.iso format for easy deployment in virtualized environments
  2. In-depth documentation in the accompanying PDF file with many links to more information on mastering managing Server Core installations.
  3. The new Networking applet shows the netsh interface show interface command at the top of the window, which shows the command line equivalent of the window. Teaching a man how to fish…
  4. Previous versions of CoreConfigurator are still available on the website.
    (Official Smart-X versions only, of course)



I’m really starting to look forward to changes coming in future versions of CoreConfigurator! (speaking of which … is a roadmap yet available Wink )

Asaf, you have mail. Yes

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Posted: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 12:16 AM by Sander Berkouwer


Confessions of a Microsoft Consultant said:

In the true spirit of Linux, it seems that everybody is re-inventing the wheel – because they can.  So, just as your favourite Linux distro had 9,999 different versions of the same basic calculator tool (but all written by different people), it seems lately that everybody has written a graphical interface for Windows Server Core 2008.  Although I may be coming across rather cynical, this tool is actually pretty good.  For those of you who don’t want to use the command-line to administer Server Core, this tool might just be what you are looking for.  Of course, any die-hard command prompt lovers which sneer at this tool!

# April 6, 2009 12:38 AM
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