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Vista logon script issues revisited, again

In an earlier post I talked about some issues with UAC interfering with GP logon scripts in Vista, and I referenced an MS-TechNet article that describes how you can work around it by using a special script called "launchapp.wsf" that adds the logon script to a scheduled task rather than running it directly. Well, in that article, they gave a screenshot (see below) of how that would work, but after testing it myself I realized that their screenshot is incorrect.

The problem with it is that, if you just enter "logon.bat" as your parameters, the client is not going to find logon.bat unless its in its local path. Most people keep their logon scripts in the SYSVOL part of the GPO, so you'll have to put the full path to that file in the "Script Parameters" dialog above for this to work. For example, here's a path to my logon.bat script file in one of my GPOs: \\cpandl.com\SysVol\cpandl.com\Policies\{BC13169A-DB63-4D53-A39D-83D826D8A03C}\User\Scripts\Logon\logon.bat

 I've emailed MS to let them know that they probably need to update their article, but in the meantime, this does work when you get all the params correct.


Posted: Tuesday, January 02, 2007 12:24 PM by dmarelia


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