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Group Policy Blog, by the "GPOGUY"-- Darren Mar-Elia

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The title describes both my blogs posts to-date and the topic of this particular entry. Its been almost a month since my first post, so I thought it was time to come out of hiding. Its always busy at the end of the year when you work for a software company. This year is no exception. So, on to today's topic--Wireless Network Policy. Several people have asked recently on newsgroups and in person, why they can't edit Wireless Network Policy from their XP workstations. Typically they have to go to their Server 2003 box and open GP editor from there to see the option. Well, this isn't helpful, so I set about to figure out what I could do about it. As you may know, Wireless Network Policy is a feature of Server 2003. It actually uses the msieee80211-Policy class that was added in the 2003 AD schema to store the policy settings. So, you need that to be in place before you can even create Wireless policy. But I couldn't figure out why XP didn't include the editor extension to GPEdit. I mean, yes, XP shipped before Server 2003, but why didn't SP2 add it? Nope. Nothing. So I went through the process of figuring out which files I needed on my XP box to be able to edit that policy. It was easy enough to find the MMC extension dll that was used by the policy, simply by trolling the registry. The next step was to figure out what file that DLL needed. A combination of FileMon and Depends (great name!) helped with that. So, here's the process for getting Wireless Network Policy editing on your XP workstation. Copy the following three files from the system32 folder on your 2003 server to the system32 folder on your XP workstation:





Next, register wlsnp.dll, which is the actual MMC extension snap-in by running the following from a command line:


regsvr32 wlsnp.dll


Now you're good to go.


The last thing that dawned on me was whether or not it would be possible to create Wireless policy in a Win2K environment. I mean, all you should really need is the class that the 2003 AD schema provides and the client-side editing capability. Hmm...might be a good experiment for a future post.

Posted: Friday, December 16, 2005 9:14 AM by dmarelia
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