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Managing Mailbox quota’s: databases with different settings?
01 August 14 06:18 PM | dmstork | 0 Comments   
So, a while back I discussed an on-premises Exchange design for a customer. When discussing database distribution in an Exchange 2013 Database Availability Group (DAG), the topic of mailbox quota’s came along. They insisted on having different Database Read More...
Disable Offline OWA in Exchange 2013
30 April 14 05:37 PM | dmstork | 1 Comments   
Although the Offline OWA functionality in Exchange 2013 is a great addition for those that cannot use Outlook (Anywhere with Cached Mode), but are frequently without internet. However, as the browser database in which Exchange OWA stores it’s information Read More...
Failed Exchange Server 2013 CU2 & CU3 install due to security update 2874216 (updated again)
25 September 13 02:17 PM | dmstork | 2 Comments   
Today a customer asked for my help because an installation of Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 2 (v2) had failed; Their Exchange environment didn’t work anymore and they were stuck. During the installation from Cumulative Update 1 (CU1) to Cumulative Read More...
Apple iPhone 5s TouchID and Exchange ActiveSync (updated)
23 September 13 07:45 PM | dmstork | 0 Comments   
2013/10/17: Added support statement by Microsoft below Just today I was curious how the Apple biometric convenience solution TouchID on the iPhone 5s would impact password policies enforced by Exchange ActiveSync(EAS). I frequently run into complaints Read More...
My portable lab hardware
06 May 13 11:24 AM | dmstork | 0 Comments   
Recently somebody asked via Twitter my what the make and model is of my laptop, used for Exchange testing environments. Well, 140 characters is not a lot of space so I decided to blog about it. Our company uses Dell laptops as a laptop standard, but other Read More...
Setting the Postmaster address in Exchange
14 March 11 02:06 PM | dmstork | 0 Comments   
Somebody asked me today, whether it is a good idea to set the postmaster address in Exchange. Well, short answer: yes! It's is even mandatory according to RFC 5321 section 4.5.1 . For Exchange 2010 you will have to use the Set-TransportConfig cmdlet: Read More...
Migrating from Exchange 2003 and missing recipients in 2010?
21 February 11 06:47 PM | dmstork | 1 Comments   
Recently a colleague of mine migrated the mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010. But he noticed something weird, in the Exchange Management Console (2010) the newly migrated users could be seen, but in the Exchange System Manager (2003) he could Read More...
Can you easily restrict or accept messages to a Distribution Group?
16 December 10 03:05 PM | dmstork | 0 Comments   
Today’s question of the day is whether you can restrict users mailing to a specific Distribution Group in Exchange? Yes, you can. You can add users but also Distribution Groups to the list of who the Distribution List will accept messages from. The messages Read More...



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