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Managing mailbox storage use in Exchange 2010, Part 2
29 November 12 07:49 AM | dmstork | 0 Comments   
In the previous part (yes, I know. It’s from May… I’m very ashamed) I discussed using PSTs or the built-in Personal Archive (also referred to as Online Archive). In this post we will discuss third party archiving solutions and Exchange Online Archiving Read More...
Exchange 2010 calendar publishing URLs are not updated after migrating to Office 365
15 March 12 02:36 PM | dmstork | 0 Comments   
With Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1 it became possible to share your calendar with anyone outside of you organization, depending on the Sharing Policy implemented by your Exchange Administrator. Users can then share their calendar via an obfuscated or an Read More...
Send As permission on Office 365 not with Add-ADPermission
09 February 12 09:55 PM | dmstork | 0 Comments   
With an On-Premises Exchange 2010 environment an administrator hands out Send-As permission with the Add-ADPermission cmdlet. But I found out that this doesn’t work in Office 365. In this case a P plan (no Dirsync, Federation or such), you can see the Read More...



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