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Disable Offline OWA in Exchange 2013
30 April 14 05:37 PM | dmstork | 1 Comments   
Although the Offline OWA functionality in Exchange 2013 is a great addition for those that cannot use Outlook (Anywhere with Cached Mode), but are frequently without internet. However, as the browser database in which Exchange OWA stores it’s information Read More...
I will be presenting at the NGN Exchange evening event on 25th November
08 November 13 02:27 PM | dmstork | 0 Comments   
On the 25 th of November the Dutch usergroup NGN (Netwerk Gebruikersgroep Nederland) will organize an Exchange themed evening event and I'm one of the speakers. I'm extra excited as it will be held at the OGD ICT Diensten head office in Delft , my employer! Read More...
Back from TechEd NA 2013: Thoughts on Exchange and BYOD
12 June 13 05:31 PM | dmstork | 2 Comments   
*** Updated 9 juli 2013: See the end of this article *** Back from TechEd North America 2013 and almost recuperated from my jetlag (7 hours difference), some of the bits and pieces get their place and new thoughts are formed. Having seen the keynote ( Read More...
Exchange 2013 OWA Mailbox policy issue cause of OWA error?
28 May 13 08:27 PM | dmstork | 0 Comments   
Within Exchange 2013 you can have OWA (Outlook Web App) Mailbox policies , in which an Exchange Admin can determine which features within OWA are available to users. By default, there's a default policy with all options enabled, but you can have more Read More...
Exchange 15 OWA Offline and Extensible?
20 April 12 08:47 PM | dmstork | 0 Comments   
A few hours ago Mary-Jo Foley posted a blog in which she states (among other things not mentioned here) that the next version of Exchange (codename Exchange 15) could get an offline OWA. A requirement would be IE10. Considering Windows 8 tablets, this Read More...
Can’t change OWA password at first logon via Threat Management Gateway?
05 November 11 09:03 PM | dmstork | 0 Comments   
During the first stages of delivering services of our newly built infrastructure to end-users, we came across an annoying issue. Exchange was the first to be accessed, but specifically through Outlook Web App (OWA). As the users where migrated from eDIR Read More...
Issues with setting default language for Outlook Web App 2010
20 September 11 03:38 AM | dmstork | 0 Comments   
Now and then I get request to implement a default language for Outlook Web Access or App. This meant that users already had their language and regional settings set for OWA. Exchange only asks this the first time the user logs into OWA, this is because Read More...
Forgot your Exchange OWA URL?
21 July 11 02:40 PM | dmstork | 0 Comments   
Even if you have a computer with Outlook 2010, sometimes you want or need to do stuff in Outlook Web App (OWA). For instance, remote wipe your lost ActiveSync smartphone. But what if you do not remember the URL and the servicedesk is closed etc. etc.? Read More...
*update* Zarafa Web Access vs Outlook Web App
03 February 11 12:32 PM | dmstork | 2 Comments   
*** update 25/2/2010: Zarafa has contacted me with some additional info: The final release of the new Zarafa Web Access is expected end 2011 or beginning 2012 and will have a seperate versioning than ZCP itself. So, it is still in development and my and Read More...
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OWA 2010 and browsers tidbits
18 January 11 04:25 PM | dmstork | 0 Comments   
I love Outlook Web App. It’s rich functionality, management capabilities via ECP and especially the multiple browser support for the Premium experience. Yes, you do not need IE for (almost) full functionality anymore. Exchange 2007 OWA Premium still was Read More...
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