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I will be presenting at the NGN Exchange evening event on 25th November
08 November 13 02:27 PM | dmstork | 0 Comments   
On the 25 th of November the Dutch usergroup NGN (Netwerk Gebruikersgroep Nederland) will organize an Exchange themed evening event and I'm one of the speakers. I'm extra excited as it will be held at the OGD ICT Diensten head office in Delft , my employer! Read More...
Blocking the Windows 8 Mail app in Exchange 2010 & 2013
18 October 13 01:37 AM | dmstork | 1 Comments   
I think I might start a new tradition: every time a major/important OS or update is released, I try find out how to block it from Exchange . Now, I know the Mail app has been around for some time now. If you recollect, I did some research on how Exchange Read More...
Apple iPhone 5s TouchID and Exchange ActiveSync (updated)
23 September 13 07:45 PM | dmstork | 0 Comments   
2013/10/17: Added support statement by Microsoft below Just today I was curious how the Apple biometric convenience solution TouchID on the iPhone 5s would impact password policies enforced by Exchange ActiveSync(EAS). I frequently run into complaints Read More...
Blocking iOS 7 in Exchange 2010 & 2013 (updated)
19 September 13 05:00 PM | dmstork | 1 Comments   
Now that iOS 7 available, it might be interesting to know how to block this version. In the past there were some issues with the Exchange ActiveSync implementation in specific iOS DeviceOS versions (read this and this ). Please note that I did not encountered Read More...
More about Windows 8 CP and ActiveSync
02 March 12 04:36 PM | dmstork | 2 Comments   
Since yesterday’s blog post “Yes, there is ActiveSync in Windows 8!”, I have fiddled some more with the Windows 8 Mail app. So, which other ActiveSync settings do work within Windows 8? There are quite a few, and some aren’t supported by all devices. Read More...
Yes, there is ActiveSync in Windows 8!
01 March 12 02:48 AM | dmstork | 6 Comments   
*** updated: Also read the followup blog post: More about Windows 8 CP and ActiveSync I think it was already present in the Developer Preview, but it is definitely present in the Consumer Preview. Chris Brownie has blogged about it and has some screenshots Read More...



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