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ADHC is now called DSExplorer

Due to some legalities I have decided to change ADHC to DSExplorer (Directory Services Explorer), I am open to some other names if you have any :)

Luckily I have a great colleague that pointed this out to me thank you!

Luckily (number 2) its early enough in the project to rename it ;)

Thank you all for the comments that you have taken the time to send to me!



Posted: Thursday, April 27, 2006 10:14 PM by carlos
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The Wong guy said:

TAKEN:  http://www.starrynight.com/new_sndsex.htm ..Deep Space Explorer.
Just like PING you can influence the world. and like google make it a verb.

WADE = Windows Active Directory Explorer.  
Have you WADEd through your network.
Lets WADE through your network.

MAID = My/M$ Active Directory IDentifier
I have a MAID to help clean my network.  Imagine what u can say when you schedule it.

MADE = Microsoft Active Directory Explorer.  You got it MADE!

DEEP = Directory Explorer Enhanced Digger/Delver/Discoverer
Imagine going to a client. " let go in DEEP" or "a view from  the DEEP end"

lets have a pole!!!!
# April 29, 2006 7:08 AM
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