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Delegation Wizard - Part 1

We all know how irritating it is when we try to explain to someone (a customer) which default delegations rights you can set for a user or group on a Active Directory object (lets use a Organizational Unit (OU) for example).


First of all we not to friendly with out Delegation Wizard form and we do not allow copy and paste of the check box items in the list box, on the wizard. We also do not allow resize on the Delegation Wizard form so you cant even take a screen shot to sit down with your customer and explain to him what we can offer them.


For this reason I have compiled the short list of delegation tasks that are show in the “Delegate the following common tasks” list view (for when you need to quickly send them through to your customers)





Create, delete, and manage user accounts

Reset user passwords and force password change at next logon

Read all user information

Create, delete and manage groups

Modify the membership of a group

Manage Group Policy Links

Generate Resultant Set of Policy (Planning)

Generate Resultant Set of Policy (Logging)

Create, delete, and manage interOrgPerson accounts

Reset inetOrgPerson passwords and force password change at next logon

Read all inetOrgPerson information



Posted: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 8:49 AM by carlos


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